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Lake Erie Fishing

The Lake Erie fishing region is a special place to fish with lots of great history behind it. In addition to the areas great fishing we are located 20 miles from the Rock n Roll hall of fame. Fine dining is a stones throw away on the Grand River and there are many hotels in the immediate area.

We fish the Central Basin, often called the heartland of Lake Erie. Lake Erie is one of the greatest natural resources in our entire country. The Lake Erie fishery has produced more consumable fish than all the other great lakes put together. We are anticipating another excellent fishing season this year again for Trophy Walleye, Jumbo Perch, and Steelhead Trout. The smallmouth, white bass, and white perch are in great shape also.

A Lake Erie fishing trip makes for a fine fishing vacation for everybody where you can enjoy taking part in the areas fabulous walleye fishing during the day and enjoy a fine dinner in the evening at any one of a number of top restaurants.

A Lake Erie fishing trip can spice up to any average vacation.

And if you are with an experienced and knowledgeable Lake Erie charters like Captain Mike and Captain Vinnie landing a large fish go way up. Lake Erie charter fishing in the central basin means one thing, big fish and lots of them. In fact this area of Lake Erie is known as the walleye capitol of the world and is also the immediate waters of the Ohio state record walleye, which was a fat 16 plus pounds. Lake Erie fishing doesn't just yield big fish but catching the day's limit is usually the norm rather than the exception.

Lake Erie Fishing Facts

The waters of Lake Erie are teeming with an assortment of nice game fish that include species such as wall hanger walleye, trophy rainbow trout, jumbo yellow perch and smallmouth bass. When fishing in Lake Erie there is no doubt that Walleye are everybody's favorite fish to catch. If not everybody then it is a large majority of the Lake Erie fishing community that waits patiently all winter for the day the ice is gone and they can get out on the water and get into the walleye. Although Lake Erie walleye fishing is the most popular there are other fish too. After walleye anglers will target smallmouth bass, steelhead, and the very good eating yellow perch. Below we have these four species listed with some good information on each.

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

Lake Erie has been called the Walleye capitol of the world since the early 80's for a good reason. The great hatch of the 2003 have left thousands of huge marble eyes swimming the deeper waters of the central basin. Hatches of  2015,18,19 and 20 are enormous hatches. Lake Erie is stuffed full with approximately 1900 fish per acre which is why Lake Erie fishing draws so many anglers each year to the Cleveland fishing region.

The State record was taken here in the Cleveland, Ohio area also which weighed in at 16 plus pounds. Approximately 80% of these fish all spawn in the shallow areas of the western basin of the Lake Erie fishing grounds and then migrate to our deeper, cooler, bait rich waters of the central basin in May. These predatory walleye come her for the huge schools of smelt, alewives, and emerald shiners. We catch these fish from the end of April until the boats come out in November. These waters are so rich in Walleye that the Wallmart FLW tour championship came here in September 2007 for there season finally. FLW outdoors is named for Forest L. Wood, the legendary founder of ranger boats in Flippin, Ark.

Return to the dock with a cooler full of yellow perch like this means a couple things, one is that you had a successful day of Lake Erie charter fishing for yellow perch and two is that somebody better heat the oil up because there is definitely going to be a neighborhood fish fry this weekend.

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Lake Erie Perch Fishing

Lake Erie Perch Fishing

Lake Erie yellow Perch are another fabulous table fare found here in Lake Erie. They are a very popular species with anglers of all ages especially youngsters learning to fish. These fish are caught bottom fishing with perch spreaders and emerald shiners. These fish stay in our area all year long and do not migrate. They range in size from 6 to 14 inches. The Jumbo perch are plentiful in September and October. The central basin holds an abundant amount of these fish with a limit of 10 per person.

Fishing Lake Erie you can go in all directions and will never find a region better than the central basin for a cooler full of perch which may include a trophy of a life time. Of all the fish in the entire Great Lakes it is yellow perch that everybody raves over as the best or tastiest fish they have ever ate. They are without a doubt some very good table fare.

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Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing

Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing

These trout are stocked in the handful of major tributaries in Ohio. The Vermilion river, Chagrin river, Grand River, Ashtabula River, and Conneaut river. Over 400,000 Steelhead a year are stocked annually which makes a Lake Erie trout fishing trip a fine proposition. These fish spend the entire summer out front of our harbor in deep water. These tail dancing acrobatic jumpers are fun to catch. They always add a little excitement to our Lake Erie Charters.

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Lake Erie Bass Fishing

Once you introduce a youngster to some good fishing they will be hooked immediately. And because fishing, whether it is Laker Erie fishing or some other type is a good clean wholesome sport it may just keep some kids from getting caught up in the troubles that are out there waiting on our kids.

Lake Erie fishing can be a great experience for the kids too. The waters or Lake Erie fishing grounds are mostly calm so the kids can go fishing in a nice safe environment. They can often catch large walleye or trout that they will talk about with their little buddies back home long after their Lake Erie fishing trip has concluded. If walleye or trout are to big for very small kids to reel in then they will have an absolute blast reeling in yellow perch until it absolutely wears them out.

This is also a great experience for the adults on board too, you will also take some great fishing memories and pictures home to talk about until you come back again for some more Lake Erie fishing, because that's what usually happens, everybody comes back. And if you are an amateur angler? No worries because Captain Bill Crissey is very friendly fishing guide and does not mind helping you one single bit. And if you are an experienced or professional angler then you can expect Captain Bill Crissey to put you on the fish and stay out of your way so you can enjoy your Lake Erie fishing.

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