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Lake Erie Fishing Charters for Walleye, Perch, Trout

Welcome to Lake Erie charter fishing for walleye, trout, and perch. We will discuss a few of the ways we target the 3 main Erie fish species we pursue on our daily Lake Erie fishing charters. Walleye fishing in Lake Erie is easily the most popular type of fishing we run charters for with perch fishing coming in a close second.

Lake Erie's central basin has proven to be the worlds gold mine for catching big trophy size walleye, trout, and yellow perch. If you plan to visit this region to fish for world class walleye, we suggest you come from May through the end of October. The Lake Erie fishing season can be a short one should the weather not cooperate so you certainly don't want to hesitate on booking your Lake Erie charter fishing trip because before you know it you will have to cut holes in the ice if you want to catch fish.

We typically use a few different techniques when we begin fishing for walleye in the spring. We can either troll or cast for these fish along the shores of Lake Erie. We can run planer boards out the side of the boat and run ten lines off these boards. The jet drives can go down 10 to 50 plus feet depending on the length of the line. In the spring, we are typically running 10 jets back 30 to 40 foot leads in 20 foot of water with worm harnesses and flutter type spoons, the baits of choice.

If you are a novice at Lake Erie charter fishing you may not understand all this fishing technical talk, you may not even care. And that is quite all right because as a Lake Erie fishing charter Captain I know you might not care exactly what or how you catch walleye just as long as you catch them. Then again you might want to learn a few walleye tricks of your own so the Lake Erie walleye fishing tip continues.......

We also run crank baits at this time of year, typically back 100 feet. As the water warms, and summer is upon us, we move to deeper waters running 40 and 50 jets with leads of 60 to 125 feet back. This is also the time we start to use dipsy divers back the same amount of lengths. When using dipsy divers we run a 6 foot lead behind them with Michigan stinger spoons in various colors. Some of the hot colors are perch, watermelon and chartreuse. We like to pick the speed up as the water warms. Spring fishing is 1.0 to 1.5 and early summer speeds are 1.5 to 2.2 miles per hour.

As the water warms even more, we start trolling the deeper waters with down riggers and dipsy way down deep. During this time of year, we are trolling up to 3 miles per hour. We begin catching trout mixed in with walleye. The trout really like orange and silver colored lures. So when you go on a Lake Erie charter fishing trip for walleye there is always the chance of catching another species like a big trout.

Perch Fishing in Lake Erie

Perch fishing is an all year proposition with the jumbo perch fishing at its height in spring and fall. We use perch spreaders and crappie rigs tipped with emerald shiners. We are usually anchored in 20 foot of water in the spring and up to 60 foot later in the year. One good trick when perch fishing is to anchor your boat and throw over a bucket of stones or pebbles to get the fish excited!

Lake Erie perch fishing is something the entire family can enjoy. This is the perfect type of Lake Erie charter fishing that your kids will love to participate in. The perch fishing action can get hectic with one fish after another for hours on in until the cooler is filled up. The kids will joke and laugh about this fishing all the way home. They will really love it and will demand they be taken again and again on an annual Lake Erie charter fishing trip for perch.